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  • Select Area, All/Perimeter, or Home/Sleep/Away operation
  • 8 individual reporting areas, with common areas
  • Up to 8 supervised door access-points and/or keypads
  • 32 character names available for user, zone, area, profiles and group names
  • Up to 4 profiles per user
  • Fully supervised 10/100 network and CDMA/HSPA+ cellular communication
  • Communications Diagnostics check network and cellular communication status from the keypad
  • Eight communication paths between the panel and Central Station
  • Guest operation allows up to two separate protected systems
  • Flexible system arming features, with Instant Arming option
  • Lock Down operation from keypad or remotely
  • Up to 130 two-wire smoke detector of fire-initiating zones
  • 10,000 user codes with 99 profiles
  • Mobile platform support via text & App
  • 12,000 event buffer
  • Built-in phone line monitor
  • Multi-lingual menus available by user
  • 1.5 amps 12 VDC smoke and auxiliary output with OVC protection
  • EASYconnectâ„¢ connection for the Virtual Keypad App when used with a network connection