Briscoe Mission Statement

To realize that the GREATEST ASSET of our company is our co-workers. They should always be treated with proper respect and in a way that will build loyalty and enthusiasm toward our organization.

To provide our customers and the people under their control with the highest possible level of alarm protection consistent with the terms and objectives of the services we were contracted to perform.

To be responsive to the customers needs, always recognizing that the customers and the people under their control come first.

To report any condition or potential condition that would compromise the life and Safety of my co-workers or our customers.

To offer the highest quality and most modern code compliant alarm equipment consistent with the needs of our customers, and the people under their control.

To interact with all customers, prospects, suppliers and other outside organizations in an upbeat and courteous manner with the purpose of communicating a friendly and efficient posture for our organization.

To take pride in working in cooperation with our customers in order to fulfill our founders’ motto of:

“People Helping People Make a Difference”