• Attractive Thinline keypad housing available in several colors
  • Large, 32-character, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Custom 16-character home or business name
  • Keypad and logo backlighting turns Red in alarm conditions
  • User-adjustable brightness, tone, and volume controls
  • Supports “Is this a false alarm?” and Cancel/Verify™ features
  • Built-in diagnostics for ease of service
  • Simple harness connection to 4-wire keypad bus
  • Connect devices directly to keypad zones
  • View system events/user activity through keypad display
  • AC power and Armed LED
  • Suitable for access, burglary, and fire applications
  • Distinct fire, burglary, zone monitor, and prewar tones
  • Displays time of day, armed zones, and armed areas
  • Optional backboxes for conduit or wall-mount applications
  • Unique silence feature allows the user to silence alarm bells and still keep the system armed
  • Compatible with all DMP panels