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FireWorks is a powerful family of software and hardware options that work in concert with Edwards Emergency Communication System/Mass Notification System/Life Safety System (ECS/MNS/LSS). FireWorks also provides the platform and processing power to integrate third-party systems with Edwards solutions to provide the user with clear, concise, and coordinated information.

FireWorks provides an intuitive user interface, taking what could be an overwhelmingly large amount of information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format. FireWorks does this by dividing major system functions into easy-to-manage viewports.

FireWorks is event driven. This greatly increases the user’s ability to deal with system events by eliminating the confusion sometimes experienced when systems present all information at once. FireWorks automatically prioritizes the events for the user in an Event Viewport. Here the highest priority event is displayed first, and the lowest priority event is displayed last. This allows the user to quickly determine which events warrant the most immediate attention.

Each of the other supporting viewports provides specific information and/or control options that relate data to the event highlighted in the Event Viewport. Related information may include event action information (specific tasks the user may need to perform in response to the event), or information about the area where the event has taken place (any hazardous materials present in the area, etc.). Images, CCTV, video, audio messages and graphical maps may also be presented to aid in the understanding of an event and how it should be managed.

  • Listings include ECS/MNS/LSS, Life Safety, Access Control, Central, Remote and Proprietary Station operation.
  • Event-driven configurable multiple viewport display. Automatic prioritization of events simplifies the system.
  • Software-only versions. For annunciation-only applications where agency listing/approvals are not required.
  • Interactive life safety control.
  • Monitor and control for single or multi-line Life Safety networks.
  • Email events to multiple recipients.
  • Web Client options allow for remote diagnostics, textual event and status viewing along with running reports.
  • Powerful HTTP/HTTPS Communication Engine.
  • Password-defined user access.
  • Context-sensitive event action messages. Provides event-specific instructional text.
  • Use native graphic formats to create event maps. Import most standard graphic formats, such as wmf, dwg.
  • Optional network solutions available. Listed, rugged networking solutions can be used for command/ control, VoIP as well as annunciation.
  • Optional Digital Alarm Receiver Connectivity. Optional DACR and IP solutions for interfacing with Edwards and/or third-party fire/life safety and security panels.