Security Services in New York

Day-to-day business operations take up enough of your time.  Why add the worry of having to protect your employees and your business. We’ve got you covered.
Briscoe provides a full range of security products and solutions, and we are committed to protecting you while creating business value as well.


It is a comprehensive solution for all of your security needs.  It gives you command and control of your life-safety systems from your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.


Digital and Analog cameras
Infrared, low-light and thermal cameras
License plate cameras
Wireless cameras
Video management software
Remote viewing

Access Control

Track entry/exit times of employees
Restrict access to sensitive areas
Prevent unauthorized visitor access

Panic/Duress Alarms/Hold-up

Notify authorities immediately and silently

Central Monitoring

Wireless Panic or Hold-up/Duress Monitoring
Flood and Temperature Monitoring
We arrange for your security system to be monitored 24/7. When there’s an alarm, the system automatically alerts the monitoring station so the appropriate emergency responders can be dispatched.