Backflow Prevention Services

A Backflow Prevention Device is used to protect our drinking water from contamination or pollution due to water in a building’s fire sprinkler systems or domestic water piping from flowing back into the public water supply. In order to insure the proper operation of this device the municipal water authorities require that the backflow devices are tested once yearly by a certified tester and a report forwarded to the responsible water authority.

Briscoe arranges for backflow testing to be done by a NYS certified tester on time so customers can avoid water disconnect notices and costly fines. Minor repairs to the backflow assemblies will be done on site if possible and billed in addition to the inspection. Major repairs will be quoted for approval by the customer before the work is done.

Backflow Valve Types:

Two types of backflow prevention devices are commonly found in commercial applications, the double check valve and rpz valve. Often, a public water backflow device is a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve designed for use above ground or underground applications in different configurations. These industry standard assemblies are used for all commercial applications and are the most secure against water contamination. The double check valve, however, can present problems caused by debris clogs. Unfortunately, there is no remedy when this type of valve malfunctions; only a qualified professional can detect its proper operation since it is a closed system.

Sprinkler backflow devices prevent the return of pressure and siphoning of tainted water into the building’s water supply. Any facility equipped with a fire sprinkler system should have a secure backflow device installed that will require regular maintenance.

Don’t wait to incur a fine, service interruption or even worse, a water contamination. Protect the health of your staff with reliable backflow prevention services. Schedule an appointment with a Briscoe Protective professional today.