One call, one bill!

Briscoe Protective offers bundled services for your fire protection and security needs. These are time- and money-saving services that offer the most comprehensive protection — in the most convenient way. Our technical sales team will put together a customized, integrated solution designed to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Fire Alarms:

As an EDWARDS Strategic Partner, we have exclusive access to products, custom design innovation, specialized training and pricing privileges. We are also available for inspections, maintenance, trouble shooting, violation removal and repairs of most manufacturer’s systems.

Sprinkler Alarms:

We arrange for inspections, testing and maintenance of existing sprinkler alarms. All tests and maintenance follow NFPA and local code requirements.

NYC Fire Extinguishers:

We arrange for sales and maintenance of Portable Extinguishers, Recharging, Hydrostatic Testing and “Weight, Check and Tag” Inspections on all A, B, C, D, K, CO2, Water Halon Units. Fire extinguishers are required to be properly mounted, maintained, inspected and tagged by a licensed certified company and undergo regular inspection and maintenance.

You are required to have portable fire extinguishers throughout your workplace even if you have a sprinkler system. All work performed is completed according to New York City Fire Code and/or NFPA 10.

Access Control:

Control who goes where within your facility. Access control can grant access to sensitive areas to authorized personnel, track employee movement throughout the building, and prevent unauthorized access. You can receive reports and messages to your cell phone.

Central Station Monitoring:

Your fire and security system can be monitored 24/7, so whenever an alarm is set off, the proper emergency responders can be dispatched.

Camera/Video Surveillance:

Keep an eye on your facility with camera/video surveillance. We offer high definition, infrared, and low-light cameras with remote viewing so you can check in no matter where you are.


Our state-of-the-art security with remote access keeps your facility as safe as possible.

We have been users of Briscoe’s service for many years. Their service technician was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly to interact with. He explained the problem he had corrected in terms we could understand. I would certainly recommend Briscoe Protective to friends and family!

We pride ourselves on the work we do and the culture we do it in. Come join our team.