World-Class Central Fire & Security Monitoring Services

We can provide coordinated fire monitoring of new and existing fire alarm, sprinkler and standpipe systems, and fire suppression systems through approved Central Station Monitoring companies. We also offer a range of monitoring services for video and security systems that provide integration between you, your intrusion system, and the central station monitoring facility. In the case of a triggered alarm, you can receive video clips to review in order to reduce the number of false alarms.

Fire Monitoring

We offer monitoring with a UL Listed, NFPA compliant and Approved Monitoring Center with real time notification. Easy to use Apps are available to you so you can easily place your fire alarm system on test and view event history instantly from any smartphone.

Briscoe monitors fire protection systems which include:

• fire alarm systems
• waterflow
• sprinkler systems
• suppression systems

Choose from 3 options to connect your system to the monitoring center:

• dial up phone lines
• Network (internet connections)
• cellular

Security Monitoring

An important part of your Security Strategy involves monitoring your buildings security system so that the authorities can be notified at a moment’s notice.

We offer monitoring with a CSAA Five Diamond Certified, UL-listed monitoring center with real time notification. To ensure the best possible protection 24 hours a day 365 days a year the most up-to-date technologies are used. Choose from 3 options to connect your system to the monitoring center:

• Dial-up phone lines
• Network (internet connections)
• Cellular

Let Briscoe give you peace of mind knowing you can also monitor:

• Panic/duress systems
• Environmental/industrial (flood, temperature, boiler failure and water levels)
• Open and close services
• Video verification

Briscoe offers free training for your staff on a variety of safety and security topics.