Sprinkler Systems

Briscoe arranges for the inspections, testing, and maintenance of Dry Sprinkler Systems, Wet Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Sprinkler Systems, and Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems. All tests and maintenance follow NFPA 25 and NYC Requirements.

Wet Sprinkler System

A wet sprinkler system is commonly used in the office environment and in any environment where heating is used or the interior temperature of the facility does not drop below freezing. Wet sprinklers spray water upon activation by fire and smoke detection.

Dry Sprinkler System

Dry Sprinkler Systems were designed for use in commercial applications where a wet pipe system cannot be heated, i.e. a parking garage. Upon activation by heat, pressurized air is released causing a dry valve to trip. Only then will the pipe fill with water, set off an audible alarm and transmit an alarm to a central monitoring company.

Deluge Sprinkler System

To quickly flood an industrial area where flammable liquids or other hazardous materials are used, a deluge sprinkler system is designed with all sprinkler heads open. When the fire detection system is triggered, a deluge valve opens and allows immediate flow of water to the area. Such a sprinkler system is essential in various laboratory settings, chemical plants, etc. where the danger of a rapidly spreading fire and/or explosion create greater risks.

Pre-Action Sprinkler System

Pre-action sprinkler systems are similar to Deluge fire sprinklers in that the pipes are not filled with water and a valve opens upon detection of fire, heat or smoke; however, the sprinkler heads are instead closed and the pipes are pressurized with air.
Is your commercial space in need of sprinkler inspection, testing or maintenance to meet New York City or New York State requirements? Don’t wait until something happens to find out your sprinkler system has leaks or faulty valves.

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