Fire Extinguisher and Suppression System Services

We arrange for sales and maintenance of Portable Extinguishers, Recharging, Hydrostatic Testing and “Weight, Check and Tag” Inspections on all ABCDK, CO2, Water Halon Units and Kitchen Suppression Systems.

Fire Extinguisher Services

fire extinguisherFire extinguishers are required to be properly mounted, maintained, inspected and tagged by a licensed certified company and undergo regular inspection and maintenance.

You are required to have portable fire extinguishers throughout your workplace even if you have a sprinkler system.

All work performed is completed according to New York City Fire Code and/or NFPA 10.



Kitchen Suppression System Services

rack of fire extinguishersAll commercial cooking operations require protection with UL300 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems including restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools and other facilities.




Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

fire suppression systemsYour computer, IT, records storage and similar type rooms are better protected by a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. They are not water based, but gas which simply fills the volume of space and effectively reaches the fire to extinguish it.

Your Fire Suppression System must be inspected and tested semi-annually by a licensed certified company.