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Protect your tenants against crime before it happens. Made for apartment buildings, condos and coops, Briscoe’s Safe Building and Anti-Loitering Service is a 24/7 surveillance system that virtually eliminates loitering in your lobby by only allowing tenants to gain access. Our highly-trained operators rapidly handle alarm signals, including two-way voice communication alerts to remove loiterers, so you and your property are never at risk.

With 1 in 5 Americans being affected by package theft today, Briscoe Protective’s Safe Building and Anti-Loitering Service can create a safer building entrance for you and your tenants.


ASSESSMENT: Our team visits your site to assess which systems will work best with your buildings.

CUSTOMIZATION: We create a unique proposal that is tailored to your building’s exact needs.

INSTALLATION: Our team goes into overdrive to ensure that your new systems are up and running as soon as possible.

MONITORING: We monitor your system with a 24/7/365 Central Station that is both UL-listed and FDNY approved.

ORIENTATION & TRAINING: We train everyone who will be operating the systems on how the new systems will improve the safety of your building or property.

MAINTAINENCE: We maintain open communication with the building or property manager to ensure the systems are in proper working order.