Home Automation

Control What Matters, No Matter Where You Are.

Who knew you could buy peace of mind?

Now the power to control your home’s security, ambiance, and climate is always within reach. Home automation is perfect for travelers, executives and vacationing families who are away from their property for long periods of time. Live video surveillance and real-time alerts record and notify you when family, friends, or workers enter or exit the property.

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Security at Your Fingertips with Honeywell Total Connect®

Add Honeywell Total Connect® to your monitoring plan to access all your home’s smart services from your web-enabled smartphone or computer, 24/7. Get instant alerts about your most important events. Get monitoring and control wherever you are. Features such as remote arm/disarm, remote lock/unlock, climate, and lighting control are always at the tip of your finger.

Your Smart Home, at Your Fingertips

Remote Arm/Disarm

Now with fingerprint login, geofence-based arming reminders and voice control. Quickly access your home and provide access to family, friends and workers while you are out.

Lighting Control

Send commands to turn lights on and off. Create automated light schedules to have specific lights turn on at certain times, for specified lengths of time. Create rules so a specific light turns on if a certain sensor is activated.

Climate Control

Run your home more efficiently. Easily create custom schedules to set thermostat settings based on time and extreme temperatures.

Video Monitoring

View live video on up to six cameras simultaneously. Create video recording settings based on security system events, video motion detection, and time of day.

Real-Time Alerts

Benefit from a wide array of customized alerts sent to your smartphone or computer when triggered by events in your home.

Enjoy an Energy-Efficient Home

Save energy by connecting your thermostats and lighting to your security system!

Automated, Responsive Controls
Create simple automation rules that fit your unique lifestyle. Control your lights and temperature settings, and pause your thermostat if smoke or carbon monoxide are detected. You can even create a lock-out to prevent others from adjusting your thermostat.

Remote Control
Adjust your system from anywhere with the Total Connect™ app or from any computer. Get a notification if your settings are adjusted or if the temperature in your home becomes unexpectedly extreme.

Smart Weather Sensitivity
Avoid paying too much for energy use on extremely hot or cold days—your system can use real-time weather data to adjust your thermostat to compensate for spikes in outdoor temperatures.

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